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                                                         :Management Skill                                                                                                                                                                                         


.Continuos produce systems.massprod systems and batch prod system and job shop systems .Engeneering and metolology of values: increasing 80% of sale and decree sing 62% of time of pro duction .Administrafire management of organization:control of payments and developing reports and reactions .Expert and strategist of marketing:organizing and managing sell lines and distributing.Expert in finding organization problems.Creating useful and practical management systems.(Applying Europe quality institute in organization (EFQM.Design and direct of quality management systems IS 9001&ISO TS 16949.Control of production and reserves.Namber of personal under my super vising was from 10 t0 700 people.May main languge is Persian and also I can speak Turkish and Kurdish langvages and can speak English in 50%: Skills

. Design and produce repair of electromotors AC/DC. Design and produce of industrial Axial fan and centrifugal forward and backward single &double &external rotor motors. Design of fan and air conditioner and cooker fan. Design and produce and repair of water pump5. Design and produce of safety systems. Design and produce of electric power systems. Design and produce of fixture of line production. Design and arrangement of securety glasses with CNC. Design and repair of penomatic &hydrolic syste. Design and repair of power transformators. Design and produce of EX electromotors. Design and produce of channels for fan types. Design and produce of dynamometer and electromotors. Design and produce of flotation with titanium & copper & iron & etc. Design and produce repair and keeping of mechanic penomatic & hydrolic& electric &plc total productive maintanance reliabity centered Maintenance computerized maintenance management overall .Equipment effectiveness & pm. Design and management of iron buildings and piping. expert of diesel and emeregency power in buy and install And repair and keeping. Design and produce of lab accessories for controlling material. Specializes in the manufacture of mining machinery. Design and produce of home appliancetaking the label of standard and energy labels in iran and .Inter nationalexpert in buying any goods and industrial machines from.China and Europe. Design and installation of production lines flotation of copper and iron.Design and installation of lines of crushing minerals. Electrical and Instrumentation Engineer Supervisor:projects
 .Design and produce of first external electromotor .Design and produce of first electromotor with oiled sheets. Design and produce of backward and forward fans external rotor and re constracting winding electromotors . Design and produce of water coolers without band .produce of air channel test for fans and static and dynamic pressures